Looking For An Estate Attorney In Great Falls, MT?

Looking For An Estate Attorney In Great Falls, MT?2019-02-27T10:19:54+00:00

At Jardine Law, we offer a complete range of estate and probate services. While headquartered in Great Falls, Montana, we service all of the Big Sky. Whether you are tied up in a complicated probate process, or need assistance with planning your estate, our team is committed to working towards your personal goals with momentum and efficiency. If you have been named the executor or personal representative of a will, or you have decided to start making arrangements for after you pass, then we can assist you in putting all of the pieces in place.

Jardine Law Offers Quality Service For All Legal Matters

We are Montana’s oldest law firm, practiced in a full range of legal services for our clients. Having been founded in 1911, we have decades of experience in pursuing any kind of legal avenue to ensure success in many areas. With a team of highly motivated and extremely qualified attorneys that will fight for your ideal outcome, we work directly with you to provide the best counsel to get the job done successfully.

Great Falls Estate Planning Lawyers

As a highly experienced estate planning law firm, we can develop a plan to ensure that you are confident and satisfied with the arrangements upon you or your loved ones passing. The world of taxes can be intimidating; but with the right advice, you can be assured that your gifts to your loved ones are minimally taxed, and will not be tied up in complicated, prolonged situations for years after your passing. We can help you draw up your will and have it executed in line with your wishes.

Need To Organize Estate Matters?

Jardine Law is the top probate law firm in Great Falls, MT and is committed to providing dedicated assistance in all matters of estate law. Whether you need help with estate planning or need to navigate the difficult world of probate, we will see your case through with integrity, ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome. Call us today at (406) 727-5000 to find out how we can help you.